Curriculum Development Schemes

This academic year, we are digging deeper into formulating an encompassing curriculum. We are preparing c children to compete with their contemporaries, not just in Nigeria, but also in the world. We are and will expo them to new methodologies. We also promise to widen and deepen their learning abilities. This is the most guaranteed way to raise highly skilled children who would be able to solve problems and attain their highest potential in life.

What we teach

The Robotics Club helps to develop the analytical and critical thinking of children and is exceptionally good for kinesthetic, visual, and logical smart learners.
In Sitrid International School, Physical Education is properly planned for. This shows in the frequency with which classes engage in activities such as swimming, karate which is used to train children in the art of self-defense and football, etc.
In Sitrid International School our children are always excited to learn about science. This I believe is because of the exciting methods we use during the teaching and learning process
A lot of questions have been asked why children should be taught how to cook from a young age. Some have also argued that teaching cookery on a weekly basis is rather too burdensome for the children.
Health Corner
Learning without good health is like eating good food without drinking water. A wise saying has it that "Health is wealth" and a slight deviation from the normal state of the body means the presence of ill health (sickness).
Every child is entitled to quality education as well as an entirety of experiences that makes him/her mentally, socially, psychologically and spiritually fit to be considered a total child.
Fine Arts
To us in SItrid International School, art simply means beauty. The introduction of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). has given us so much to desire in our lesson.
Sitrid International School as a citadel of learning is grounded in teaching and learning. Our aim centres on the well-being of pupils' future, bringing out the best in them and shaping them for the tasks in life.
Aerobic/Dance Classes
At the dawn of the last term, we realized how important exercise is to our body as adults. As our schedules are very tight we decided to create the Aerobics and Dance class.

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