One can never underestimate the value of readiness. Especially in schools where the lives of hundreds of children may be put to peril, the necessity of stringent safety measures should be put into place.  Schools in Nigeria, in fact, schools generally, must have a working system for when unpleasant events arise, such as earthquakes and fires. A lot of damages can be avoided when students and teachers know what to do in case these untoward incidents happen.

Conducting fire drills in Nigerian schools is one way of preparing for these eventualities. When a fire happens and the entire school community knows how to act appropriately, unnecessary injuries will be avoided. On the other hand, lack of practice will cause alarm and panic. This will only lead to more damage and injuries and worse may cost a life. Let us all work towards a safer community.

Get them trained, get them drilled, get them alert!. Fire drill is an important safety practice and a legal requirement within an educational facility. In SITRID International school, greater attention and care is given to the process and its efficiency. Thats why we constantly drill our students and staff on safety measures.

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