Passion and Drive

Sitrid Passion and Drive

Our passion and drive while still retaining academic excellence are these:

Our passion (Sports)

In sitrid, we are passionate about sports because physical education is important in primary schools.

Why is physical education important in primary school?

The question above has been asked numerous times and the simple answer is to help shape our future students into healthy active people. with the advent fof technology, every service is just a dial away. we cannot afford to have young people who cannot move themselves from one place to the other because they are either obese or completely lazy as a result of lack of exercise. in Sitrid International School, Physical Education is properly planned for. This shows in the frequency with which classes engage in it. in some age group they exercise thrice weekly while others do so twice. Physical education gives children the opportunity to be active every single day. It gives children early exposure to team sports, and promotes good physical fitness. It gets the blood pumping and increases oxygen levels which promote concentration. We have seen the great benefits of the improvement  of pupil's interpersonal skills by also increasing their own levels of motivation and pride in what they

Our physical education activities include:

  1. Swimming
  2. Karate - The Sitrid Example
  3. Character Count Games

Our Passion & Drive (Clubs)

After School Clubs (ASC)

Sitrid International School is a 21st century citadel of learning that is dedicated to excellence. Learning is always packed with fun right from sunrise till sunset. Learning sets daily in the school with the after school activities. The design for the ASC is intended to help children choose fun ways to learn, develop their talents and skils and build confidence. The advantages for children who participate in the after school club span across the social, physical, teamwork, intelligence (logical, spatial, interpersonal smartness) and psychological domain. The ASC in Sitrid International School are:

  1. The Robotics Club
  2. The football Club
  3. The Instrumental Club
  4. The Home Makers Club