Proprietress speech

The Proprietress Speech

Hello Dear,

If you are reading this, you are either a part of our team, a part of our family, or soon to be one. I can assure you, Sitrid International School is the best academic institution your household can be associated with. For us, Sitrid International School is not just a school; it is the place for nurturing our feature leaders. Also, in a time when it seems everything is about the money, the education of our children for us, is not merely business, it goes a way beyond that.

I agree with the statement of John Dewey made, thatEducation is not preparation for life; education is life itself”. You can attest to the fact that times have changed, mediocrity, ineptitude and moral decadence, have taken sway. Thus our society is bereft of excellence and character, we are here to contribute our quota to change that. We are working towards a future where people and our society will be different. The change we want to see begins with the decisions and actions of today. This school is dedicated to excellence and to raising a new generation of exceptional young men and women. While we put in concerted efforts to give them ample learning experiences and build their intellect, we do not end it there.

Like Theodore Roosevelt said “To educate somebody in mind and not in morals is educate a menace to society”. Thus we encourage peak  academic performance and we are interested in in holistic development. Beyond this we steer them to recognise these “special S’s”: spirituality, society, success and service. “Spirituality” because we are all created by the Lord Almighty. “Society” because God put us altogether for community. “Service” because it is the core of living – be it pleasing God, being a part of society or becoming a success. And finally, “Success” because every soul yearns for acknowledgement – the success we teach is beyond achievements.

As Cullen Hightower succinctly put it; “the true measure of your worth includes all the benefits others have gained from your success”. We want to see the DANIELS: young, strong, determined, diligent, and intelligent persons. We are rearing a generation of problem solvers who are accountable, discerning and who have excellence as their watchword. Daniel (in the Bible) possessed an excellent spirit (Dan 5:12, 6:3) and it distinguished him. We pray everyone who passes through this school will have it too.

I will not stop without recognizing the ever-innovative team of staff we have: from the head of school, Mrs. Nkechi Ken-Nkwonta, to every other team lead and team member. You have all been great. We would not have made it this far without you. I pray God will continuously bless your lives for all your contributions. Many thanks all to the parents who trusted us enough to put their most precious possessions in our care; we have not failed you and we never will! I look forward to the next academic session with faith and great expectations. So much lies ahead! Sitrid International School is on a journey; we welcome everyone on board our ark. I can assure you; we are headed in the right direction! God bless you all!

Manuela George-Izunwa