Mission/Vision Statement

Sitrid Mission & Vision Statement

Our Vision

Raising children with character ( fear of God) who will be highly skilled to solve problems and attain their highest potential in life.

Our Mission

Our community is one of shared dedication to the formation of young boys and girls who

are competent in their academic pursuits, steadfast in their love for God, socially

responsible and responsive.

We strive to provide the best education possible and train leaders who will be influential

in the centuries to come.

To care for every aspect of our pupils, to build a relationship of authenticity and truth

between our teachers, management, pupils and parents.

Our Values

Our values are coined from the acronym SITRID.

S- Service

I- Integrity

T- Trust / Truth

R- Respect / Resilience

I- Innovation

D- Dedication

What we impart to our pupils


1. Desire to be competent boys and girls.

2. Respect and care for others.

3. Ethical standards and moral courage (Trustworthiness and integrity).

4. Discipline and healthy co-habitation.

5. Fairness in the administration of justice.

6. Responsibility through the execution of tasks that will inspire and nurture respect for

them, their teachers, other pupils and themselves.


1. Application of understanding to a broad range of intellect domains.

2. Intellectual curiosity: Ability to think critically, creatively and independently.

3. Ability to communicate effectively and clearly.

4. Desire to learn.

Attitude and Personal Attributes

1. Good manners

2. Trustworthy, accountability, co-operation, leadership, responsibility.

3. Respect for school and home community.

4. Sensitivity to and respect for the differences and needs of others.

Our Confession.

We are dedicated to excellence. So we declare that we can do all things through Christ

who strengthens us. We will be the head above and

never the tail beneath.

SITRID Alma Mater

(The School Anthem)

We hail Sitrid International School

Great alma mater,

Steps in the right direction,

Laying up a firm foundation

Sitrid, Sitrid,

Dedicated to Excellence

Where heroes are found and leaders made

Teaching the head, the hands and heart

Sitrid International School

Dedicated to Excellence.

Our Hallmark

1. We insist on the pursuit of excellence.

2. We insist on ongoing reflection and adaptation.

3. We aim at dedication to a life of service.